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converted to unsigned integers, but the reverse is not true. In glsl, like Direct3D 9, the texture binding is part of the sampler state. Just as in C, there is no check for array index out of bounds errors. The default precision for integers and floats in the vertex shader is highp. However, they are not equivalent to structs. Pixel shader output Depth buffer data You use semantics to specify position, color, and so on for vertex shader input and pixel shader input. It is up to the programmer to make sure that array indices are valid. Although the limits can vary, WebGL imposes a set of minimum requirements that all implementations must satisfy. Images Main article: Image Load Store Image variables refer to an image, of a particular type, stored within a texture. This would add up all of the values in the textures, up to imageCount in size.

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Any variable of a opaque type type. They both have similar rendering pipelines and graphics features. There are also functions named reflect and refract that can be used to compute the direction of reflected and refracted light rays; I will cover them when I need to use them. The limits are due in many cases to hardware limits in the GPU, and they depend on the device on which the program is running, and on the implementation of WebGL on that device. For example, with glsl, you use the gl_Position variable to specify vertex position and the gl_FragColor variable to specify fragment color. These variables vary across each triangle. Int aInt 42; int bInt int(aBool int cInt int(aFloat The data type int is used for integer values. As in C/C, the variable name can be omitted.