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sjukfrånvaro och förebyggande hälsoinsatser. Uppsala University Children's Hospital edit Uppsala University Children's Hospital ( Swedish : Akademiska barnsjukhuset ) was formed in 1991 with the merger of the departments of paediatrics, paediatric surgery, paediatric orthopaedic surgery and clinical genetics. The building (the former residence of the President of the Royal Chancellery. The current equipment is a Eurocopter Dauphin N3 equipped as a one-bed intensive care unit (2010). Andra förslag i närheten furuhöjden rehabiliteringshem, ej betygsatt, vi bedriver effektiv vård och individuell rehabilitering med hög kvalitet i en hemlik miljö. 13 Specialities which are offered to foreigners include: 14 Endocrine oncology Clinic for Internal Medicine, diabetes and other endocrine disorders, haematology, hepatology Gynecological endocrinology and infertility Immune deficiency diseases Neuro Centre, neurology, neurophysiology Neurosurgery, occupational therapy, rehabilitation Prosthesis Rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries Surgical treatment. Vad tycker du om Akademiska sjukhuset? 11 Fixed Wing Intensive Care Unit edit In addition to the short range mobile intensive care provided by the helicopter, Uppsala University Hospital owns a Bombardier Learjet. 8 Uppsala Centre of Excellence in Neuroendocrine Tumors edit Since the 1970s, there has been a special emphasis on endocrine tumors at Uppsala University Hospital. This building, although modernized, is still in use.

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Rudbeck had spent some time at mango måndag påsk ferie i Spanien Leiden University, and both the anatomical theatre and the Uppsala University Botanical Garden he founded in Uppsala in 1655 were influenced by his experiences. From this building, which is still in use, the present hospital complex has grown. Hitta till ingångarIngång 10Ingång 12Ingång 13Ingång 15Ingång 17Ingång 18Ingång 24Ingång 240Ingång 30Ingång 33Ingång 35Ingång 40Ingång 50Ingång 6Ingång 60Ingång 61Ingång 62Ingång 65Ingång 70Ingång 78Ingång 79Ingång 82Ingång 85Ingång 94Ingång 95Ingång 96Ingång C11Ingång C5Ingång. 2 3 Divisions edit The following are divisions under the hospital director: 4 Diagnostics, Anesthesia and Technology Division Emergency and Rehabilitation Division Oncology, Thorax and Medical Division Neurology Division Psychiatry Division Surgery Division Women's Health and Pediatrics Division Departments edit Specialities 3 Specialized Centres. The helicopter is crewed by two IFR licensed pilots, with medical personnel consisting of a doctor and a nurse both specializing in intensive care and anesthesia. Uppsala University, faculty of Medicine and the Nursing School. It also fills the function of a tertiary referral hospital for the Uppsala/Örebro health care region and, for certain specialities, a tertiary referral hospital for the entire country. 12 Education edit Uppsala University Hospital provides a major part of the medical education (organized by the Uppsala University Faculty of Medicine ) and nurse training in Uppsala.

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